Are we a Thai company?

Yes, we are a Thai company in which Thai people hold 100% shares. The company's detail can be found in the Department of Business Development. Here is our Registration number: 0105554105423

Are our products from China?

Is there any laptop or electronic device which is not made in China? And another thing is we might have to debate whether Taiwan is part of China. (No joke... but the Rare Earth that used in manufacture high-tech devices such as screens, chips, and circuits they are in China which have been conscientiously mining in China also banned for export. This has lead to why there are many manufacturing plants in China. Not because wages are cheap. For factories in other countries usually just a factory assembling part from China)

What brand? Never heard of?

Brand LEVEL51, please call if you want to hear the sound :)



Can I pay by multiple credit cards? Can I pay in cash partially and the rest with installments?

In the beginning, we thought that "Is this going to work or not?" to let you do this. But with our policy that "You choose" so we arranged for you. Please learn how to make payment with multiple cards from this VDO.

For paying by transfer money, The details are at the end of the order page.

Can I pick up the product by myself at the office?

Yes, You can which we'd love you to come to visit us. Please make an appointment in advance. Because we may be secretly skipping work outside or go out to eat.



Where are the service centers?

We have no such thing as "Service center" but if you have any issue with our products. We will send the shipping company (currently, we use DHL) to pick up and bring it back to our headquarter.

The company will not close down or disappear any time soon, right?

ถIf you want us to go on for a long time, recommending LEVEL51 to friends is a good idea for that.

Where to download drivers?

Drivers can be downloaded from http://www.clevo.com.tw or SystemX application.)

Can I recovery Windows? How to reinstall Windows?

Try following this VDO (download link in VDO description).

If I reinstall Windows, will the logo on the loading screen be lost??

The factory made the BIOS for us, our logo is in the BIOS, not with Software.