Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

NantCom Co., Ltd. cares deeply about your privacy. This privacy policy addresses how we store, use and disclose (in certain cases) your personally identifiable information (PII). By visiting our website, it is considered that you are aware of our privacy policy.

Security of your personal information is one of our primary concerns, we are only keeping the minimum information required in order to be able to efficienly and successfully serve you. We kept your personal information as required by law or only as long as the information is required to serve you. You can freely visit pages in our website without having to provide and personal information and can chose to remain "anonymous" until you have decided to buy our products - which some of your personal information is required.


Personal Information Database

NantCom Co., Ltd. will not be sharing any of your PII with anyone and your information is only used internally within our company.

When you have decided to buy any of our products, the following information is required and will be securely kept in our database:

  • Your Name
  • Your Shipping Address
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Phone Number
  • Optionally, if you chose to provide: Gender
  • Optionally, if you chose to provide: Date of Birth

The information that were kept in our system might be used for the following purposes:

  • For shipping the product you have bought เพื่อการจัดส่งสินค้าที่ท่านสั่งซื้อ
  • For notifying the shipment of the product you have bought
  • For providing information of products similar to the one you have bought
  • For accessing our system - "Log-in")
  • For verifying financial transaction related to buying products with us
  • For improving content on our websites and tailor the experiences on the website to your needs.

Security of your Personal Information

We would like to ensure that the personal information that we kept is properly secured. We have implemented the folloing measures to ensure the safety of your information

  • Restrict the access to our internal systems
  • Maintaining our IT infrastructures to minimize risk of unauthorized access
  • Discard outdated information that is no longer required to serve you.


Disclosure of your Personal Information

We will never disclose your information with any parties outside of our company except for using the information for shipping the product you have bought to you.

In some cases, we might be required by local law enforcement to disclose your personal information.


Information regarding your visit

Whenever you visit our website, our server will keep record of your visits (Log) in our database. The information we collect are as follows:

  • Your Public IP Address that accessed our server.
  • Name and version of your browser
  • Referral Website - the web page that you have previously visited just before reaching our web pages.
  • The web page that you are visiting
  • Other statistical information such as: Date and Time of Visit, Length of visit and Search Keywords

These information are collected to help improve our services and might be used in conjunction with PII for further analysis


Change of Privacy Policy

NantCom Co., Ltd., reserve the rights to change any part of this privacy policy and all changes are publicly disclosed in this web page.


Point of Contact and Deletion of your Information

If you are unsatisfied with this policy or would like to contact us with regards to this privacy policy, please refer to our contact point in: Contact

If you would like to have your information stored on our system removed, please contact +6633047572 or email us at [email protected] to request for your information to be removed.

However, if you have bought products from us, we require minimum of your Phone Number and Email Address in order to verify the ownership of the products, especially in the event of theft. These information are safely stored and could not be changed or removed.


Privacy Policy